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1-on-1 Training since August 2016
Stephen P.

I've been a do-it-yourself gym goer for probably 19 years. I decided I wanted a trainer. Something new. Sid and I met and I trained with him for 6 months. Gosh, I must say, I saw a new way of training my body having Sid work with me! He's very easy to talk to. However, he knows his stuff and isn't afraid to call you out if he needs too. Having Sid teach me new ways to do old routines has been the best weight training experience of my time being an old gym rat.

Highly recommended!

1-on-1 Training
since April 2016

Sid is a great trainer. He’s been my friend for a few years now and he has been training me since June of last year. Sid not only trains you to lift weights, he also makes sure that you do it in a safe way. Before he makes you do heavy weights, he ensures that your mechanics and mobility are correct. He continuously aims to improve his knowledge about fitness and incorporates everything he learns to help himself and his clients improve. With his help and his program, MASScardo 5-Week, I was able to improve my squat, bench, and deadlift. In preparation for my first meet, he was also able to help me lose 12lbs in 10 weeks. I highly recommend Sid to anyone at any level of fitness. He can coach anyone at any level. Whether you’re a beginner trying to make a healthy start or an experienced lifter trying to improve, Sid will be able to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Online Coaching
since June 2016
1-on-1 Training 
since June 2016

I have been training with Sid twice a week for over 6 months. When I first started with Sid I had poor flexibility, which made it difficult to maintain proper form for lifts. Sid worked with me to improve my mobility through stretches and foam rolling until I got the point where I was able to squat and deadlift with proper form. Sid has given me new tailored workouts every few months for the 3 days a week that I workout on my own. I have gained significant muscle tone and strength over the past 6 months. In addition to tailoring my workouts, Sid provides me with a nutritional plan with recommended macronutrients. If I ever have questions about a workout, I can always text Sid and receive a quick response. I have been so impressed with Sid, I recommended him to a co-worker, who has also been working out with Sid now for several months. I recommend Sid to anyone who is trying to get into better shape. He will work with you to meet whatever fitness goals you may have.

I came to Sid 4 months postpartum after an unplanned C-Section. Before my pregnancy, I used to workout 4-5 days, and 2x with my trainer in Georgia. During my pregnancy I ate healthy, walked 2-3 miles a day, yoga, swimming, and got monthly prenatal massages. When I came to Sid I was living with some pain, but I assumed it was part of “motherhood”. I had a constant pinch nerve pain from shoulder to wrist, tops of my knees always ached, and some back pain. When I hired Sid it was only to lose weight. Sid had a different goal for me. Right from the assessment Sid could tell months of being pregnant, breastfeeding, and working a desk job had done a number on my mobility. I was reluctant to buy into the whole concept of mobility being the cause of my aches and pain. I even thought it was a sales technique to persuade me to purchase more sessions. I was so WRONG. Ladies, during pregnancy we pick up some really bad posture habits, and of course extra weight. Combine that with a newborn, breastfeeding, rocking baby to sleep, holding your baby all the time, plus work, and life. We are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of aches and pains. Sid has worked with me on showing me how to improve my posture through weight training, stretching, and foam rolling. Not only that but every session Sid stretches you on the massage board using the myofascial release technique. This is a very important skill to recognize. A lot of trainers “stretch you out” and can give you feel good massages. The question is can they pinpoint the exact tension trigger point and break that tension up for good? Sid is a pro at locating the EXACT point of tension for your muscle tightness and pain. I’ve learned so much about my body and how pain is referred from unsuspecting areas of my body. To all the moms out there, aches and pains are not part of motherhood. Let Sid help you! Before I met Sid I actually debated if my body could handle another pregnancy, but session by session I can feel myself get stronger. Who knows, I might just have another one soon. =)

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